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Novel Engaging Course Registration Notice

by Atul Chauhan -


(A Govt. Aided Autonomous & NAAC Accredited Institute Affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal)

Date 13.01.2022


Attention: All UG 4th Semester Students (Jan.-June 2022 Session).

Ref.:          Novel Engaging Course Registration starts on 14th Jan. 2022 at 5 pm.

It is informed to all UG 4th semester (Jan.-June 2022 Session) students that registration process for Novel Engaging Course which is part of IVth semester scheme will start on 14th Jan. 2022 at 5 pm. Link for registration portal : will remain open till 9 pm on 17th Jan. 2022. 

All students are advised to visit institute website and moodle for details.

Following instructions are to be followed for selection of the course:

  1. Course which is studied in UG III semester, should not be selected again. It is mandatory and responsibility of the student to select different course.

  2. Courses of more than 1 credit (i.e. any course of 2 or more credits) can be selected by those students ONLY who have studied Part-I of that course in III semester.

  3. Students must be very careful during selection of Novel Engaging Course. Only one entry is allowed per student. 

  4. Registration in each course will be on First Come First Serve basis (FCFS). There are limited seats in each course.

  5. After successful registration, no change is allowed.

  6. Without registration, students will not be able to attend the Novel Engaging Course.

  7. It is mandatory for all UG IV Sem. Students (Jan.-June 2022 session) to do the registration.

  8. The course will run as per the academic calendar and will be conducted by respective course mentors.

  9. Issues related to registration can be mailed at

List of the courses to be run in 4th semester is attached. For details of courses CLICK here. Details are also available on institute website and moodle.  

(Dr. Rajeev Kansal)

Dean Student Welfare